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Chapter 1

Rhythmic chopping filled the room, followed by thunder and rain. The tempest raged outside as the pirate swung his butcher knife into the wood of the table with a loud thud. He could hear the screams of the plunderers who had since passed. Thud. He smiled as the blood and juices from the meat seeped all around his workstation. Thud.


The faces of his victims were etched permanently in the wurst. Thud. Screams filled his mind, and he started to chuckle. Uncontrollable laughter as he continued to chop. Thud. The room lurched as the ship sailed over the barreling waves. A knock came at the door. The captain's voice came through with a gruff voice. “Ready for more, butcher?” “Aye captain” was the slaughterer's reply with a wide grin on his face, blood on his apron, and malice in his eyes. 


The bodies of the men who had fallen victim to the captain and his crew lay in a heap upon the floor.  The Butcher grunted as he heaved a fresh new piece of meat upon his table. Time to get to work. Time to make a masterpiece. Thud.


“And now the final touches.” thought the Butcher.  A hint of violet light peeked through a large chest at the back of the room.  “Time to give you a sol.”

Chapter 2

Some time later: The butcher smiled his moustache scratching his upper lip, as he bared his crooked teeth. He peered down at the cards in his hand. This game was already won, the swab sitting across from him visibly scared. And of course he should be, the ante? His Sol......

Both Pirates placed their cards on the table face up. The quivering swab, with terror in his eyes, stammered “b-b-butcha ye ain’t really goin to take me sol, eh?” The butcher responded to the swab in a low growl. “aye, mate. I be takin yer sol now” He grabbed the swab by the collar slammed him down on the table. The “Pirate Battle '' cards flying everywhere. He reached to his hip, grabbed his cleaver and swung heavily into the neck of the swab. A loud squelching sound followed by thump of metal embedding itself in wood. Violet light leaked through the swab’s nose, mouth and neck. Grinning the butcher took out his hip flask, captured the sol leaving the other swabs onboard clean up the mess. He was busy, he had to create his next SolPirate while this sol was still fresh. Chuckling to himself he entered his station, got out his tools and instruments and began to work.

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