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Sol Pirates Roadmap

Sol Pirates Sailing the Sol Sea!

Pre-Sale: Dec 26th, price 0.35

Public Mint: Jan 28th 12 AM UtC, price 0.35 Sol

Ahoy Mateys Welcome Aboard!

Sol Pirates is a generative NFT project built on the Solana blockchain.  The project aims to become the next big NFT project on Solana!  We plan on doing this through our unique Pirate DAO, pirate NFT battles, amazing community, and dedicated team.

Road Map

Jan 28th 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Minting will take place at the price of 0.35 Sol

Pirate DAO dApp will be launched

Pirate battle dApp will be launched

Pirate DAO and Pirate Battles

Pirate DAO

After the majority of minting, proceeds will go to the Sol Pirates treasury controlled by the Sol Pirates DAO.  Members of the DAO will have power to vote on other NFT projects for the Sol Pirates to raid and winning projects will have their floors swept using the treasury funds.  In addition to voting, power members of the DAO will be automatically entered into various NFT giveaways that will happen after the pirate raids.  DAO members will also be able to enter into computer automated Sol Pirate Battles.

Pirate Battles

After each plundering from the Pirate DAO, a tournament will take place to distribute a portion of the plunder with the crew-mates. Each NFT will be minted with the following stats: class, attack, looting, grog, charisma, craftiness and rare abilities. These stats can be found in the Sol Pirate NFT metadata, are ranked from 1 - 100, and are entirely based off the visual elements of the NFT.  Each DAO member that cares to join the duel will submit their NFT to the tournament then be randomly placed head to head with another crewmate.  The winner of the duel will move on and duel another crew-mate.  This will happen until one is the grand champion. Winners will then be airdropped some of the pirate treasury.

Sol Pirates sailing the Sol Sea

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